Ennio Morricone’s untold words

When the Genius communicates without speaking but making himself heard. The Master’s final act mirrored the way he lived: writing his own obituary “to not disturb” was the finishing touch of an extraordinary man

Our sense of honor and respect to Ennio Morricone, who passed away and left unique moments with his unforgettable movies’ theme songs. “I wrote the soundtrack of people’s lives,” he acknowledged. Among the greatest geniuses of contemporary times, no one succeeded in delivering outstanding works without claiming credit as he did. Endless emotions and few words were peculiar to his style.

Who belongs to the class of Masters can spare communication. The Master’s tones of music are compelling while resounding in our memory. Ennio Morricone’s art was so pure to overtop the banks, to the point that we didn’t know if that movie was so special for the plot itself or the soft music flying over the story-telling without interfering.

Those who watched those movies again and again, or listened to his soundtracks with closed eyes, will never forget them. Music always first, much ahead of any word the Master rarely said: even during his live concerts, the crowd was eager to embrace the next song cause no further words were needed.

Morricone died during these strange times of social distance. Perhaps it is no coincidence, as he sublimated the loneliness while harmony becomes an intimist experience, and sweet-talks are needless.

Who speaks little usually says smart things. Afterward, Ennio Morricone indulged in writing his own obituary. “I’m dead – he wrote -. There is only one reason that pushes me to send my farewell to all of you in this way, and for which I’ve decided to have a private funeral: I do not want to disturb”.

League of his own.