How we can help you

Let's make it happen. Let's enjoy the outcome. Let's do it together.

Vitesse is a constantly evolving reality. We are guided by the knowledge of our reference branches, and the desire to conceive ideas that are tailor-cut for your reality, charting the route towards new trends and innovations.

Our know-how in the world of sports - cycling in first place - outdoors and tourism, extending over to food & beverage, technology and innovation, spans over different areas of activity.

Here is what Vitesse can do for you:

Press Office

What to say, how and when to say it. We give structure to the communication strategy. We help you to leave your mark in the memory of those who read and write, maximizing communication opportunities and generating new ones. Because your idea or product doesn't actually exist until you tell someone about it. Here some significant figures of one of our flagship projects: the Tour of the Alps.

Media Relations

Communication is made up of two sides: those who speak and those who listen. Extraordinary things happen when the speaker finds his perfect listener: making this match is what public relations is about. We take care of finding the journalist, the blogger, the opinion leader who are eager to listen to the voice of your reality and increase the value of your brand. Check that time when we brought to Italy one of the World-leading cycling media to test the product of an emerging startup.

Digital Marketing and Social Media

The environment might be digital; the results are decidedly tangible. This is where we want to take you: together we define the goals of your online presence, we show you the way to reach them and we walk it with you. The ingredients are know-how, consistency, creativity and continuous improvement: we bring that part. See what we have done recently for Val di Sole Bike Land.

Events Organization and Management

An event without communication cannot be successful, but this is only one (though very important) piece of an event’s outcome. Let us support you with a team that has been running successful events for three decades: global, international, continental, we have made them all. And the results have always been there.

Copywriting and Content Marketing

Have you ever tried a speech in front of the mirror? When it really matters, you know you need the right words. But the fun part is - today every day really matters: those who follow your brand await your posts, your blogs, your content. Each target wants its message, each content responds to a need: wouldn't it be nice to count on someone to help you track and implement them?

Translation and Localization

The language of passion is said to be universal, but it is not that simple. Most of the time, a company needs to communicate exactly what it wants to say to its target, even the nuances of it. Being skilled in Italian, English, Spanish, German and French, we can help you solve this problem. That’s not by chance if we have cured the Italian contents of the former Sky Procycling (now Team INEOS Grenadiers) for several years.

Web Development

We have worked with websites and their management systems for so long as to know their strengths and weaknesses, and to understand how to create high-performance web platforms that meet the demands of the public (either enthusiasts and professionals) and of those who need to communicate through them. A website is made up of technique and strategy. That's why we have started making them. And, no bragging intended, some people claim that we are doing it pretty well.